Microcosms dangle new Music.

Microcosms dangle some tantalizing new Music.

Microcosms is a trio consisting of Andrew Tschiltsch, Bryan Emer, and Jered Piepenbrink. Their new single, “Tightrope” was just released on Bandcamp 


Reading the lyrics, you get a sense of despair, as evidenced by lines such as:

“And I wanna do my part, but I’m doomed from the start. Now watch me dangle from the tightrope.” 

There is a bit of a surprise as you listen to the track, it starts off with Emer’s bouncy bass line and Andrew soon joins in with a slashing, angular fuzz-laden guitar. Jered lays down the groove, anchored to the bass. The sound immediately reminds me of the whimsical yet catchy sonic qualities of groups like DEVO. This is augmented by Tschiltsch’s “friendly automaton” singing style. The overall package is simply fun to listen to! If you weren’t paying attention to the message in the vocals, you’d come away thinking this is a fun, jaunty ride. This makes for an interesting dichotomy.

So if you like original power-pop with a tinge of new wave/punk ethos, be sure to check out the band Microcosms! If you like what you hear be sure to check out their other releases!

By Peter Harris

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