DIY musicians, a quarantine diary…of sorts.

So as we approach the end of April, much of the world has been on relative lockdown for several weeks now. Normally musicians, whether it be hobbyists or professional recording artists have some sort of recording capability at home these days. The ability to record direct to one’s home computer makes it infinitely easier.

So how as enforced home-time affected the productivity of the creative set? Has the monotony of isolation stifled the drive to create? It seems to be the opposite. I posed this question to several players on twitter and got some great feedback on just what they’ve been up to during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Guitarist Steve Bello

Guitarist/veteran artist Steve Bello reveals that he has been giving remote lessons online. In addition he has not only written new music but re-written existing pieces, and explored some styles that according to him had “laid dormant for awhile”.

Mike Smith of progressive metal band Threefold Maze says he’s been working on more solo material, including some blues improvisation. Additionally he’s created some YouTube videos for his channel!

One twitter user @1967Rich laments “With everyone home now I haven’t been able to play through my big amps. I’m still noodling just about everyday but it’s usually unplugged”. Either way, practice is practice, Rich!

Marie B. of the Metal/Hard Rock band REvilution proudly informs us “Our band didn’t miss a beat. We perform online. Added cool tapestries to the band studio!”

Reiver Record’s @madbaldscotsman says: “Not quarantined, have to work. Have actually NOT been able to get in there as much.”

So it seems, just like life in regular times, people’s circumstances lead to differing outcomes and outlooks. It does seem however that several of us have found ways to make this a creative peak of sorts. I personally look forward to perhaps a “Music Boom” of sorts about nine months down the line! So this was just a quick check-in with the various players out there. I hope everyone is staying safe, and staying positive. I look forward to seeing you at a show one day soon.



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