Aquel Futuro Ahora…

Creating music out of his South Texas base, artist Arzalez has once again come up with a body of music that both reflects the modern (with techno-inspired synths), and the traditional (with mariachi-inflected accordion). His latest single “Preguntame Algo” (Ask me something) blends both seamlessly.

Arzalez’s upcoming album “Aquel Futuro Ahora” literally translates to “that future now” but he seems to realize that solid craft takes some time. He could have entitled it “ese Futuro Ahora mismo” which would mean right now. Instead it implies presently, or in this general time frame. I point this out because this music obviously took time to produce. I should also point out that my Spanish is lousy.


One important aspect of my dim grasp of Spanish is instead of focusing on the message of his lyrics, I can instead simply enjoy the melody. I can enjoy the way it floats over the aforementioned accordion, and the way he subtly overdubs his multi-tracked vocals. There is an attention to detail in Arzalez’s music, even down to the tasteful drum fills.

As a solo artist he has been prolific, including such efforts as 2016’s “Ballroom Love Affair” and 2017’s “Oye Chano”. To delve into his various works, take a dive into his Bandcamp page and enjoy!

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