Juliet Hawkins delivers with “Lead with Love”.

A wandering spirit with the heart of a troubadour, Juliet Hawkins’ journey has taken her to places as far apart as they are different. Places like Peru, Wyoming, and now…Nashville.

While the pandemic has been a stifling factor for many, Hawkins has put it to good use. She has assembled a band around her fully capable of delivering the musical ideas she has in her head. With her new E.P. “Lead with Love”, they deliver. Her version of Cage the Elephant’sTrouble” hints at her talent but to my ears she really shines on her own material. She can be both sassy and sentimental, but always convincing.

Juliet joins me on video to discuss how the record came together, how she is inspired (and by whom), and what her next steps will be!

Cover photo courtesy of Misfit Studios.

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