Randy Harris “Fading in the Sun”.

Pennsylvania’s Randy Harris continues his musical journey with the release of “Fading in the Sun”, his third CD. After years spent in the Harris and Crane Band, and behind the boards as an engineer at Phil Ramone’s A&R Recording Studios , Randy brings wide-ranging experience to his band’s projects.

The new album displays an enjoyable mix of straight ahead rock n’ roll on tunes like “Bargain”, and jazzy/pop prog leanings on the title track. When I say “rock n’ roll”, think more Chuck Berry than The Scorpions. Similarly, when I say “Prog”, think along the lines of Al Stewart more so than say, Rush.

Randy Harris

Harris has surrounded himself with the type of musicians who can play so well, that it glides past your ears. On subsequent listens, you find yourself zeroing in on a horn line here, a guitar lead there, and thinking “wait a second…that was really good!”.

The band consists of Randy Harris; piano, keys, and arrangements. Danny Thompson; drums, bass, guitars, and percussion. Jan Kranch; alto, baritone, and tenor saxophone. Marnell McCarthy; lead vocals.

For easy listening music, these guys don’t take the easy way out. The arrangements are imaginative and flowing, and the performances are better executed than most. Be sure to add “Fading in the Sun” to your rotation!



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