David Lee Roth: Crazy from the Heat

David Lee Roth’s 1997 book “Crazy from the Heat” is a brilliant look into not only the life of the legendary rock star, but also how his mind works. Roth is a deeply insightful man, and intelligent. His journey has been a collection of experiences, not merely a drug-fueled life spent in hotel rooms.

It is also a rambling affair. Dave is the poster-child for ADD, and it shows. He bounces around topics and time frames like a ping-pong ball. This is where my little project comes in. I have begun reading excerpts from the book, and breaking them up into short, bite-sized segments. It seems many love to hear about his escapades, but ten minute doses are easier to consume than a marathon session.

So you can follow this playlist on my YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe and enable notifications for updates!

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