Donnie Vie discusses his upcoming new music.

Enuff Z’nuff burst onto the scene in 1989. On the strength of singles like “New Thing” and the MTV hit “Fly High Michelle”, the band immediately made waves. Their record label of course, marketed them as a Glam-Metal act. Singer Donnie Vie always felt his group to be a Power-Pop group, and indeed his songwriting is far closer to The Beatles than standard 80s rock fare. Since leaving Enuff Z’nuff, Vie has continued forging gorgeous melodies over lush pop compositions, only improving with time.

Over frustrations with his former record label, Donnie delayed the release of his new single “Party Time”, and is currently working on releasing it and the accompanying video with maximum impact. He joins me here for a discussion on his new upcoming music. This is part one of a lengthy conversation where we went down the rabbit hole on many topics. There will be more segments coming very soon! Stay tuned!

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