Steve Bello delivers again with “Mood Swings”.

New Jersey’s Steve Bello is set to return with his 8th album “Mood Swings”. Steve is an accomplished guitarist who’s endorsements include Ibanez Guitars, Digitech Pedals and more. He and I first connected a few years ago when I interviewed him for his previous album “Marblehead”. A fantastic player, I was glad to hear he was writing new music. When he sent me an advance copy of the newly wrapped-up material I was eager to dig in to say the least!

Never Be the Sane” is the first single for the new collection (due late August/early September 2021). You can check it out here:

Getting into the rest of the material, there is plenty of good stuff here! “Stranded on Pluto” is what I feel Bello does best, solid rhythms with quirky, eerie guitar weaving in and out. For this piece he uses a cool Leslie (rotating speaker) effect. As the song rides out, he treats us to a ton of otherworldly harmonic and whammy bar abuse.

Steve Bello

Timeless Man” has a propelling, crunchy riff. The distortion Steve is using on this album is indeed pretty dense, but remains a tightly focused tone. The main sections alter between this and crystalline clean tone passages that provide the perfect textural variation.

Box of Ghosts” is not a “song” per-say, rather a “sound piece” that lets you in on a glimpse of an artist lost in their own discovery-mode.

The last track “Force Quit” is another rocker where Bello mixes up the groove with several rhythmically tight start/stop sections that will appeal to those who like a dash of prog with their metal!

There is a lot more on this album, but let’s not give it all away shall we? Look for Steve Bello’s “Mood Swings” coming soon!

-Peter Harris

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