David Lee Roth: Crazy from the Heat

David Lee Roth’s 1997 book “Crazy from the Heat” is a brilliant look into not only the life of the legendary rock star, but also how his mind works. Roth is a deeply insightful man, and intelligent. His journey has been a collection of experiences, not merely a drug-fueled life spent in hotel rooms. It [...]

Randy Harris “Fading in the Sun”.

Pennsylvania’s Randy Harris continues his musical journey with the release of “Fading in the Sun”, his third CD. After years spent in the Harris and Crane Band, and behind the boards as an engineer at Phil Ramone’s A&R Recording Studios , Randy brings wide-ranging experience to his band’s projects. The new album displays an enjoyable [...]

Marillion announce a “Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

With the tumultuous events of 2020 winding down (please?), music fans are still reeling. What could be worse than a year without live music? Try the passing of some legendary artists (Peart, Van Halen). Any way you look at it, this year has been abysmal. Well Progressive pop/rock stalwarts Marillion are looking to give us [...]