Preview of 2020!

Here is a short, humorous (hopefully) video I made to get everyone pumped up for another year of cool stuff from Inside the Musical Mind!

10 ? with Steve Wheeler.

Composer, performer, and producer Steve Wheeler is a multi-instrumentalist that has no fear of crossing genre boundaries. His work can be heard nationally on CBS sports, including the PGA Tour, NCAA, NFL, and SEC Football. Steve has also contributed to the video game universe.  Now with his feet firmly planted in the music world, he [...]

10 Questions with Jasmine Cain.

In this weeks episode we talk with veteran rocker Jasmine Cain. Jasmine has spent much of this year touring in support of her recent live album Live at Suck,Bang,Blow.  Now she joins us again to discuss her upcoming new studio record, her multi-faceted branding approach, and the ups and downs of life on the road!

10 Questions with Andy Wood.

Guitar and Mandolin player Andy Wood is a breath of fresh air amongst the throng of guitar virtuosos that crowd the scene. Growing up a mandolin player, Andy was immersed in the bluegrass scene and mastered that before he became more aware of rock and fusion players. Wood quickly came to appreciate and love both [...]

10 Questions with Mark Farner.

Grand Funk Railroad are truly one of the icons of rock music. Throughout their long string of massive hits, Mark Farner was the man driving the train. In this podcast episode we talk to Mark about his career, his inspirations, and life in general. We also discuss Farner's new single "Can't Stop". Listen here and [...]