All the World’s a Stage.

The glory days of Rock really began in the seventies. Larger stage productions and the larger than life personas became a more common perception of the major bands than they had been in the fifties and sixties. As we rolled into the eighties this continued not only with the musicians themselves but with the live [...]

Reeves Gabrels, the Patron Saint of St. Vincent.

Annie Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent needs no introduction to many of you. The award winning avant-garde musician has carved out a path of her own with her unique style(s). The most interesting aspect of her music is that she seems to almost want to challenge the listener. Erotic melodies rise [...]

The Days of the (literally) Flashy Guitars .

Throughout the early days of rock, indeed from the fifties through the seventies rock guitar players played a myriad of guitar brands and designs. For every Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster there was a Rickenbacker or Gretsch. Occasionally a rocker would sport something outlandish like a Dan Armstrong plexiglass guitar. They were beautiful instruments, [...]