Billy Alexander of YYNOT updates the fans!

Starting off as a remarkable group doing a few RUSH covers for fun, YYNOT quickly evolved into an original group in its own right. With two albums of exceptional material under their belts, Billy Alexander, Tim Starace, and Rocky Kuner have amassed a rabid fan base in a few short years. Songwriter/guitarist Billy Alexander joins [...]

Aquel Futuro Ahora…

Creating music out of his South Texas base, artist Arzalez has once again come up with a body of music that both reflects the modern (with techno-inspired synths), and the traditional (with mariachi-inflected accordion). His latest single “Preguntame Algo” (Ask me something) blends both seamlessly. Arzalez’s upcoming album “Aquel Futuro Ahora” literally translates to “that [...]

DIY musicians, a quarantine diary…of sorts.

So as we approach the end of April, much of the world has been on relative lockdown for several weeks now. Normally musicians, whether it be hobbyists or professional recording artists have some sort of recording capability at home these days. The ability to record direct to one’s home computer makes it infinitely easier. So [...]

Lickerish Quartet arise from the legacy of Jellyfish.

Alt-rock Icons Jellyfish released two highly influential albums, Bellybutton (1990) and Spilt Milk (1993) before going their separate ways. After decades of contributing to other high-profile artists, former members Roger Joseph Manning, Eric Dover, and Tim Smith have reconvened to form The Lickerish Quartet. Named after an obscure Italian erotic film, the name gives an [...]

Microcosms dangle new Music.

Microcosms dangle some tantalizing new Music. Microcosms is a trio consisting of Andrew Tschiltsch, Bryan Emer, and Jered Piepenbrink. Their new single, “Tightrope” was just released on Bandcamp Reading the lyrics, you get a sense of despair, as evidenced by lines such as: “And I wanna do my part, but I’m doomed from the start. [...]