Obligatory tourist pic at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL.

“If you’re gonna be back here, at least grab a tambourine or something…” Richie Martinez (Arch Echo)

Richie Martinez (Arch Echo) and Peter Harris

Tony MacAlpine, Peter Harris – Atlanta, GA.

Jake E. Lee in action with Red Dragon Cartel.

With Darren James Smith of Red Dragon Cartel.

Gary Husband and I having a laugh during a recent interview.

Peter Harris and Kip Winger

Peter Harris and Kip Winger

Peter Harris and Kip Winger

Troy Luccketta (Tesla), John Patterson (Tora Tora), Peter Harris, Paul Taylor (Winger)

Producer Michael Wagener, Peter Harris

Punky Meadows (Angel),Jamie Harris, Frank Dimino (Angel), Peter Harris, & sculptor Danny Farrow

Keith Douglas (Tora Tora), Peter Harris, Anthony Corder (Tora Tora)

Jacob Cade, Peter Harris

Jamie & Peter Harris

Peter Harris, Anthony Corder

Nick Brophy (Riverdogs), Peter Harris

Peter Harris, Ron Keel