David Lee Roth: Crazy from the Heat

David Lee Roth’s 1997 book “Crazy from the Heat” is a brilliant look into not only the life of the legendary rock star, but also how his mind works. Roth is a deeply insightful man, and intelligent. His journey has been a collection of experiences, not merely a drug-fueled life spent in hotel rooms. It [...]

Will Van Halen release more archive material ?

Van Halen has famously been tight lipped over the course of their long career. In addition to infrequently recording albums, they have also shied away from extensive box sets. While many bands cash in on remastered editions of previous albums by including bonus tracks, previously unreleased songs, and even behind-the-scenes footage, Eddie and company have [...]

Mitch Malloy reacts to Van Halen’s disastrous 1996 “comeback” with David Lee Roth.

In 1996, during the MTV video music awards an astonishing thing happened. To present an award for artist Beck, the mighty Van Halen was introduced to do the honors. As Eddie, Alex and Michael walked out from behind the curtain, just behind them appeared a familiar form. David Lee Roth sauntered onstage with his long-estranged [...]