The origin of the “Oriental Riff”, The Aladdin Quick Step.

Da da da da-da da-Dun dun dun... We've all heard it, from Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, or Turning Japanes by The Vapors, to Passage to Bangkok by Rush. It was even a theme used in the 1989 video game Super Mario Land. I don't think it would surprise many to learn this little [...]


“Bookmark” by Sam Levin is actually a landmark.

Sam Levin, at the wizened age of seventeen, is already releasing his third album. Having released his first single at the age of ten, he has previously recorded insightful albums such as I Am and Frame of Mind. On both of these Sam has shown a penchant for showcasing all of his ingredients. Some musicians [...]

Time to show some Cajón-es.

The Cajon, for those not familiar is a wooden percussion instrument that over the centuries has been used in Afro-Peruvian music. In more recent times it has spread into broad use in Flamenco and various modern styles. It is essentially a box, with one thin striking surface and the other sides being normally thicker tone [...]