Juliet Hawkins delivers with “Lead with Love”.

A wandering spirit with the heart of a troubadour, Juliet Hawkins’ journey has taken her to places as far apart as they are different. Places like Peru, Wyoming, and now...Nashville. While the pandemic has been a stifling factor for many, Hawkins has put it to good use. She has assembled a band around her fully [...]

“Bookmark” by Sam Levin is actually a landmark.

Sam Levin, at the wizened age of seventeen, is already releasing his third album. Having released his first single at the age of ten, he has previously recorded insightful albums such as I Am and Frame of Mind. On both of these Sam has shown a penchant for showcasing all of his ingredients. Some musicians [...]

Will Blockchain take over the music business?

We all know the ups and downs the music business has gone through in the 21st century. The near total collapse of physical compact disc sales has seen major retailers simply stop stocking them (indeed the major retailers themselves are in peril). Some record label contracts are little more than distribution deals for the artists. [...]