Juliet Hawkins delivers with “Lead with Love”.

A wandering spirit with the heart of a troubadour, Juliet Hawkins’ journey has taken her to places as far apart as they are different. Places like Peru, Wyoming, and now...Nashville. While the pandemic has been a stifling factor for many, Hawkins has put it to good use. She has assembled a band around her fully [...]

Shane Palko: Swahili Surreal

Shane Palko is one of this world’s treasures. A true creative spirit, he wanders the globe in search of knowledge and experiences. Deeply devoted to the environment and the betterment of mankind, he approaches these lofty goals from the most grassroots of methods. Shane Palko. Last year I had a lengthy conversation with Shane regarding [...]

David Alpha gives a preview of Chameleon Wheelhouse.

Fresh off the heels of his recent release Rockin’ Roulette, singer-songwriter David Alpha is already revealing a fresh set of tunes. Chameleon Wheelhouse is an EP that gives us a taste of the larger body of music to come. “Light the Rockets” gets you started with a driving, distorted rhythm. Soon Alpha’s punching lyrics impose [...]