Aquel Futuro Ahora…

Creating music out of his South Texas base, artist Arzalez has once again come up with a body of music that both reflects the modern (with techno-inspired synths), and the traditional (with mariachi-inflected accordion). His latest single “Preguntame Algo” (Ask me something) blends both seamlessly. Arzalez’s upcoming album “Aquel Futuro Ahora” literally translates to “that [...]

Rabid Flesh Eaters summon the “Demons Within”.

Rabid Flesh Eaters have been delivering the goods to north Texas since 1986. The “goods” being intense, brutal Texas-style Thrash Metal! Having made their footprint with the release of the 2016 album Reign of Terror, the band continued to pummel audiences with their live shows. Texas metal faithful know where to go to sate their [...]

10 ? with Maya Kelly of Weather King.

Before forming Weather King, the individual members were already chasing their muse. Being enrolled in the acclaimed School of Rock, they began to craft their own music filtered through their admiration of groups like The Mars Volta and Radiohead. Twin brothers Andy Zukoski (Keys) and Jack Zukoski (Bass) joined up with Trent Cruickshank (Guitar) and [...]